Even though you are rendering around your fixed budget to buy scope but if you are looking for Sightmark ultra shot plus Review, then you can stretch your pocket for few more dollars. 

So, what is your perfect budget and what you are looking in your Sightmark scope?


Sightmark Ultra Shot Review - Digital Switch

Here are all of the answer with the Sightmark ultra shot review. So let’s start with some information about Sightmark UIltra Shot Plus. 

Sightmark is a manufacturer for the gun sights, rifle scopes, night vision, laser sights, flashlights, bore sights, and other premium shooting accessories. Sightmark Ultrashot Plus also created by them.

Encouraged by military and law enforcement technology, Sightmark products are designed for shooting, competition, personal safety, home defense, hunting, and other tactical applications.

They aim to make versatile, accurate and all possible optics with firearms. Red dot sight, laser bore sight and scopes are the most popular products of Sightmark. Sightmark Ultra Shot Plus Digital switch series is one of the best Product of Sightmark. They win some award due to their innovation and cover the market in 40 different nations around the world.

They are best, but at first sight, $400 is too much but once I read sightmark ultra shot QD reviews, I eager to reveal it more. With proper research today I am here with a sightmark ultra shot plus review.

Sightmark Ultra Shot Sight Review - Digital Switch

Design & Features:

The Sightmark Ultra Shot is a costly one, but it does not look like as it protected with an aluminum shield with a matte black finish. With such high price, you do not expect it lightweight, but it is true that it weighs only 7.6 ounces that is half of the industry standards. Do you think that less weight brings fewer features in the scope? If yes, then no it is not necessary especially when you see it as a price sight.

Sightmark Ultra Shot Review

The thing to mark is the same manufacturer has 43% more features for the top-of-the-line sight, and it includes features like a built-in laser, and extended battery life.

If you can spend little more than this like about $50 or more, then you can look for the Sightmark Ultra Dual Shot Pro. According to me it worth paying more due to the built-in laser and night vision mode other than that it is not so good.

If you want laser for the night, then take it separately instead of buying sightmark with built-in laser because it appears t almost unnecessary except night.

Yes, night vision is something that does not include in the Sightmark, so the question is can you do the work without night vision? For the night vision mode, the Trijicon RMR 6.5 MOA Red Dot Sight is a great alternative, but it is a little bit expansive.

Functionality of Sightmark Ultra Shot QD Digital

Next, in this article of sightmark scopes reviews let’s have a look at what it exactly offer to you.

It covers a large field of view of a minimum 105 feet from 100 yards. It comes with unlimited eye relief. In between ask yourself that did not mean you get a mid-range sight accidentally at a budget price. This sight is not for everyone, especially when you are looking for a DOA sight, which is not provided by Sightmark ultra shot.

Above its price range, the Sightmark ultra shot QD continues to punch, impressively holding zero even if you somehow bump it. When you change the reticle then only you need to zero it again.

In real practice, you will enjoy its quick moving zero in targets but for the close range. It is the best companion for the rifles and shotguns, and yes, it will fit your AR perfectly. It is capable of the ultimate companion for shotguns and rifles, and it’ll fit your AR perfectly.

When you pair it with either a 3 or 5x Magnifier, then it is capable of being extended, but the condition is you have to use the magnifier from the same manufacturer to fortify your accuracy by up to 100 yards. It is water resistant but not waterproof so do not confuse with these two words.

Now move to the so-called digital switch. The switch is indeed a digital or not is not a question, but it is something different from the ordinary one. With it, you easily set up the various brightness settings.

So it becomes handy in the condition of light intensity under which the shooting change erratically and rapidly. The professional hunters appreciate it due to the little reflection and all thanks to the surface’s matte black color. Sightmark ultrashot sight is best  Product.

With there is a problem in Ultrashot’s ability to hold zero, and it seems like a 50-50 scenario where you get a device from the factory that holds zero very well or has trouble to hold zero. The batteries are tiny, so it is time taking the task to stack them in the proper direction as it is connected to a battery, so the performance varies as per the battery level. And it does not last long, you can also use Nikon Buckmaster 3-9×40 for the long range shot. so it proves expansive one and hard to find the same size easily.

  • Easily detectable mounting system to sight other devices Quickly
  • Variable in brightness settings
  • Great price (budget sight)
  • A massive field of view
  • Unlimited eye Relief
  • Work with a magnifier of Sightmark
  • Small, costly and hard to find watch batteries
  • The short life span of batteries
  • No night vision mode
  • Water resistance, not waterproof
  • Gamble to decide whether it easily hold zero or hard to hold Zero

Final Words:

So, that is all about Sightmark Ultrashot review. If you have a sufficient budget at present, then after reading this genuine review your eyes open up. It is near to those sights that do not promise but provide almost near to it at a great price. Have you used the sightmark ultra shot QD reflex sight or planning to buy it? What’s your review? Share with us using the comment section below. Thank you!

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