Browning Buck Mark 22 Pistol Review

The Browning Buck Mark ranks as one of the top two target rimfire pistols, right next to the Ruger Mark III. The Buck Mark is another time-tested, loved pistol that their owners buy and hang onto forever and pass onto the next generation. To find one for resale secondhand is quite rare and you will be hard-pressed to find a bad review of them.

Our review will be on the Browning Buck Mark Standard Stainless URX model. You can find quite a few variations of the Buck Mark including the Camper, Hunter, and even a Buck Mark rifle which I need to get my hands on. It’s one of those things I keep meaning to do and just not getting around to. You can see the full spec here.

Let’s get started:

Browning Buck Mark 22 Review Standard Stainless URX

This model has a 5 1/2″ slab bull barrel, which is very nice indeed. 10-round, single stack magazine capacity with functional sights including an adjustable rear sight. It is stainless, as you see from the title and with the standard “Goldfinger” gold trigger, this pistol is an eye-catcher. This is a right-handed, button style mag release, slide lock, and slide release as you’ll see from the pics.

browning buckmark 22

In The Box
With the purchase of the Buck Mark, you get a fitted plastic hard case, instructions, lock, and one magazine. I don’t have many complaints about the Buck Mark, but one magazine is a complaint. For the price, especially of this model, two magazines would be nice. With .22 plinkers, it is a pain to reload over and over and is just a nice bonus when a company adds that second mag. More time shooting, less time reloading.

You’ll see in the above image that I did end up buying an extra mag, but also you’ll see the stock rail which I replaced. More on that below. The stock rail has the adjustable sight and is fully functional and most won’t need to replace it unless you were looking to add a rail as I desired.

Browning Buck Mark 22 Weight

This particular model is quite heavy due to being a 5.5″ slab bull barrel and stainless. It comes in at a weighty 34 ounces. Since this isn’t going to be your CCW, this doesn’t matter as much. Chances are this will be a range pistol or plinker or maybe you take it out camping. I don’t think many people will have a problem with the size or weight of it. You know what you’re getting into already if you are hunting for a model like this.


browning 22 pistol

browning buckmark review

In Action

As you could assume with one of the two best 22 plinkers out there, the Browning Buck Mark Standard is as accurate as they come and as reliable as they come. I did have an occasional FTF but was only when using Winchester bulk ammo. I have found Winchester’s bulk 22 to be finicky in almost every .22 I have used it in (with the exception of the Ruger 10/22 rotary mags which will pretty much eat anything you feed it).

With the Standard Stainless URX model, it is extremely comfortable. My hands just sink right into the molded rubber grip and make for long periods of almost relaxing shooting. I love the URX molded grips. It is worth the extra amount just to get this grip, as compared to a base model Browning Buck Mark Camper for example.

As I mentioned above, it is very accurate even out of the box. You’ll be cleaning out bullseyes, even at longer distances. If you add a red-dot or pistol scope, it may not even be a challenge since this is going to hit where you aim one for one. This is a very reliable target shooter almost without variation.

I love the gold trigger. It gives Buck Mark that extra flash and is a nice touch. The length of pull is great and I found it to be very fitting for this pistol and didn’t really find any complaint about it.

Cleaning the Buck Mark is fairly easy and straightforward UNLESS you start to disassemble the pistol. I read about this prior to picking this up myself. But for basic cleaning, it is not something you need to worry about and if you keep up with it you’ll be fine. I would not let that deter you from this great pistol. And you’ll run through lots of 22 in this, so I would recommend cleaning after every use. It will get dirty fast.


Browning Buck Mark 22 Accessories

This doesn’t have a bunch of extras and accessories, but I was happy to find a couple of different options for a rail and holster.

I ordered a Browning Brand holster, which is giant and also sized to accept a scope. Browning was thinking ahead. The holster ran about $30 and I found it on

browning buckmark Accessories review

browning buckmark

I also wanted to add a red-dot to the Buck Mark and found two options for this. With either option, you need to remove the original rail- adjustable rear site included. I found a Picatinny rail for the Buck Mark for about $20-30. But I ended up buying another rail for the Buck Mark which had an integrated rear adjustable sight. I opted for the latter as I do like using the irons and want that option. This rail was about $80, also found on Amazon. It was quite a price difference, but considering that you will probably own this forever the price difference was okay by me.

I picked up a Bushnell TRS-25 Red-Dot for the high $70 range. It’s not the best red-dot, but worked well on the Buck Mark and was small and compact which is what I was looking for. Once sighted in, cleaning out bullseyes at the range became not even challenging. In other words, the combo is awesome. For the record, I may do a separate review of the TRS-25, but shortly it is the red dot itself I found odd. It is slightly oblong and there is a black section that enters into the glass which obscures the full sight picture. For $80 it is not a deal-breaker, but something to know. With a higher-end red-dot, the combo will be amazing.

Browning Buck Mark 22 Price

The MSRP is just under $500. In-store, you’ll pay closer to $450 and $500-550 out the door after-tax, background check, etc.

Overall, I would be willing to say that with any model of the Browning Buck Mark, you should feel very comfortable buying it and once you own it, you will probably keep it forever. If you continue to read reviews on the Browning Buck Mark, you will see the love from the others, too.

My recommendation is to cough up the extra $100 or so and find one of the URX models with the molded grips. They are so worth it.

Thanks for reading our Browning Buck Mark Review on the Standard Stainless URX. Keep on exercising your 2nd Amendment rights. -BGR

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