Best Bore Snake Review & Bore Snake Kit Guide 2019

While using a gun, after each shot, I would like to clean my gun, but quick cleaning is not possible through the usual method. And one day I found best bore snake, and after that, I am using a bore snake kit for better cleaning and now giving my opinions in best bore snake review.

Yes, you can use bore snack after each shot. And remember, do not compare it with the cleaning rod and brushes. Cleaning with snack bore is like mopping dirty floor only, which is essential for good performance and long-lasting life of your firearm. That’s why need to read this bore snake review.

Many people do not have an idea about it, even the first time when I came through it; I was blank. That’s why I am here to take out all of you with the same situation.

Here in this bore snake review, I have given a brief review, its use, and the history of it. So let’s start with the review section.

Bore Snake Review | Four Bore Snack To Buy

After each hunting or other activity, I clean my gun with a gun cleaning rod to make sure it works properly on next hunt. Too many years, I have followed the same activity, but one day, I come through a bore snake.

My lots of time is saved, and quick cleaning is for sure. After so many years, I have tried too many brands and products, and today I come up with best bore snake kit reviews.

After each use, bore snakes clean your gun effectively so look at top 4 bore snake product from known brands and find which is best for your use. So read each bore snake review complete that will help you to choose the best bore snake kit.

1.Hoppe’s Boresnake Soft-Sided Pistol And Revolver Cleaning Kit Review

Hoppe’s BoreSnake Cleaning Kit is a brand name in the users. Even in World War II, Hoppe’s was the bore cleaner, who provide it in the gun cleaning kit with cotton bore snack. Over the years, the brand is the same, but according to time, they have re-designed their product and make it a more effective screening tool for gun users.

This bore snake kit is known and highly picked an option from years. When I bring it to my home, my father told me that he had seen it even about 25 years ago in stores. You feel amazed with the years. Yes, Hoppe’s has been around more than 100 years same like a bore snack and without any doubt, they are master in it.

It also provides cleaning solvent which is pretty nice and highly useful. The carrying case is also highly praised. Tip of each bore snack is with calibered labeled. It can customize your caliber, and you will get the caliber you want. It provides both handgun and rifle kits that work best for all gun, handgun, shotgun, and other firearms.
Hopper's bore snake reviewBest Bore Snake Review & Bore Snake Kit Guide 2019 1

According to me, it is one of the best options due to its mastery, years of experience of the manufacturer, and a few of its features.

Notable features:

    • It includes everything that needed to clean the firearms
    • Light and portable product
    • Super compact BoreSnake Gun Cleaning Kit
    • Brass weight end to drop through bore
    • Tested to fight the harshest environments and situations
    • Easily attachable, rugged, and soft-sided case
    • Kit includes BoreSnake, Hoppe’s Lubricating Oil, Hoppe’s No. 9 Solvent, Hoppe’s Weatherguard Cloths and pulling tool.

I have Put the top in my Bore snake Review Guide because it’s the best which i have Personally used.

2.GUN CLEANING KITS By Sage & Braker Bore snake Review

For the first time, when I picked this product, I must say I was impressed with it. The quality is best, especially of the main floss area and yes, it can be compressed, too. You will also agree with me when you read the reviews on Amazon. Most of the people gave it a five-star review which reflects the quality of the product.

The brush end is made up of brass. What I liked about the end, you can change the type of brush according to use like nylon brushes. You can also choose your caliber kit; the caliber is embossed on the tip of brass. According to me, the brush and fabric quality are two main reasons behind its popularity.
GUN CLEANING KITS By Sage & BrakerBest Bore Snake Review & Bore Snake Kit Guide 2019 3
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Notable Features:

      • Made with the highest quality materials
      • Adequately fit each caliber and gauge
      • Full-size bronze brush
      • 25” removable buffing rope
      • Stamped brass weight
      • 15 seconds are needed to clean the firearm with this bore snake kit.

3.Ultimate Bore Cleaner For Rifle Review

Affordable and effective both are in one product. The Ultimate bore cleaner is flexible bore cleaner that can effectively clean bores of pistol and rifles. The log size and different caliber make it unique. It is an excellent piece of gear.

You can use it over and over. Even you can put it into the washing machine as well. It is safe from the solvent, and if you put solvent on it to clean bore, it will not damage the bore cleaner. The end of best bore snake has a brass weight that makes sure the end makes it through the barrel. Just grip, rip and clean! First of all, applied pre-scrub solution then scrub the barrel. After that, with clean cloth clean it. If you wish you can apply lubricant in the remaining part and clean it in one pass.

Ultimate Bore Cleaner For Rifle

Check Price on AmazonBest Bore Snake Review & Bore Snake Kit Guide 2019 5

Notable features:

      • Cleans the bore in a single pass
      • Machine washable, solvent safe and reusable
      • Lightweight and compact
      • Packed in clamshell

I have used this many times on shooting range and added it in my bore Snake Review Guide.

4.Hoppe’s Boresnake Viper Pistol And Revolver Bore Cleaner (Choose Your Caliber)

So this is the second name from Hoppe’s Bore Snake. This product gives you value for your money. Washable and reusable are two other factors that attract people to buy this product. After easy wash, it is always ready for the next cleaning.

I have bought this product, and it makes the cleaning process hassle-free and firearm free from the mess. It needs a maximum of two pulls to shine bore like a new one.

It is super easy and reusable and can bring easily at any place and any weather condition. A quick alignment and cord position in the center; these two feature stands out this product from the rest. So do not worry off the damage of bore and quick cleaning is there.
Hoppe's Boresnake Viper Pistol And Revolver Bore CleanerBest Bore Snake Review & Bore Snake Kit Guide 2019 7
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Notable feature:

      • Light and portable
      • Includes everything that helps to clean firearm
      • Brass end weight to drop by bore
      • Expertly designed and 100 % tested product
      • Super compact BoreSnake Gun Cleaning Kit includes Hoppe’s No. 9 Solvent, Lubricating Oil, Weatherguard Cloths and pulling tool, and BoreSnake
      • Rugged and soft-sided case

So, this is my top Pick which I have added in my bore snake review Guide which is totally outstanding and helps you so much.

Why Use A Bore Snake Kit?

A bore snake kit designed for quick cleaning of your firearm, but it is not substituting the gun cleaning kit. It designed according to specific barrel size. So if it perfect, it can shine the bore, but if it not perfect, it can’t meet your expectation.

If you have watched the sniper competition, then you have seen many times that competitors are cleaning their rifles after firing the shot with bore snakes. Why is it so?

It is because, after each shot, there is a small amount of carbon residue buildup on the barrel. Though it may fraction of mm yes it can affect next bullet’s trajectory. So a bore snake helps you to improve the accuracy of your shot.

Another reason behind its use is its quickness. But remember the quick-term is perfectly suitable for a bore snack if you choose the right caliber.

If I share my experience, then I use my bore kit after each range shoot or hunt. After cleaning the gun, you have to remember that bore snake kit also need cleaning to make the bore shine like new.  Especially being a hunter, you know that how much abuse your shotgun g through after hunting, you have to take care to make it long term teammate while hunting.

I use, the gun cleaning rod kit, gun cleaning oil, and brushes to clean the gun thoroughly and put it in a proper place. In between this, I pick the boring snack, put solvent on it and quickly clean it.

Anatomy OF A Bore Snake

The boresnake has four main sections, namely Brass weight, First floss area, Bore Brush, and Main floss area.

  1. Brass weight: It sleeps through the barrel easily and pulls the cord inside the bore throughout. It is stamped with the specific caliber or gauge to pick the perfect one.
  2. First floss area: With the scrubbing action, it removes foreign particles with the help of the brush.
  3. Bore Brush:  It has bronze bristles which are embedded in the cord. It loosens the hard deposits inside the bore.
  4. Main floss area: It provides more surface area and clean the barrel and bore quickly.  All section are together as well as individual plays an important role in cleaning.

Bore Snake: History

After reading all such information, you might think that how bore snacks come and why it named as bore snacks only and when it becomes popular.

Bore snack is not any product name, but it is a brand name like kleenex. Initially, the military was using Hoppe’s bore cleaner to clean the guns quickly instead of using the cleaning rods.

During WWII, the cotton string piece of bore snack becomes an issue with the gun cleaning kit. Due to time constraints and quick cleaning, the cleaning rods were replaced by snack bore in the field.

After that, the designed were improved, and they become more popular in other countries and police. Today police, military, sniper, and hunters of all around the globe are using it as an efficient alternative of gun cleaning rods.

How To Use Best Bore Snake?

There are two methods to clean your gun. One is the quick way with the bore snack, and another one is slow, way using the cleaning rod as we are discussing bore snake kit, we will show you steps for bore snake cleaning.

Step 1: Empty And Open Gun Chamber

First of all, make sure that your gun chamber is empty of all rounds and shells. By this way, you know that your gun is safe to work with the next steps. Make sure that the safety is on.

Step 2: Spray Bore Cleaner

Grab the little amount of bore cleaner a spray it down to the bore cleaner for about 3-5 seconds. Let it as it is for a few seconds.

Step 3: Run Bore Snake

Irrespective of product name and brand, all are snack works the same. Now run the brass or lead of the core inside the gun barrel or chamber and run it towards the ends of the barrel.

Once you get the lead or brass in your hand from the second end, pull it firmly. During this time, make sure that the mop and brush enter into the barrel without damaging the outer surface of the gun.

Most of the time, one pass is enough, but you can do the second pass to make sure top-notch cleaning.

Shooting Tips:

If you know how to separate the parts of the gun, then I recommend moving the gun barrel to get a more clear view of the bore.

The above steps are easiest to clean your gun with bore snack when you are in the field or outside the field. Make sure that when you start the new hunt, go with the clean bore to avoid any issues.

Keep in mind that Bore snakes do not include gun cleaning kit, and hence you have to buy it separately. Even working method for both things is completely different.


So it is all about the bore snake review and guide to buying best bore snake kit. Remember, all bore snakes are created differently. So for a firearm, you can Waste money on more than one product. So after trying the above listed equally, and if you are asking to recommend one bore snake kit, then We recommend Hoppe’s bore snake cleaning kit. What do you think? Share your views with us and tell me if you want to add your favorite bore snake choice in my bore snake review list.

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