The best belly band holster will keep your Gun under the shirt to deal courageously in a dangerous situation it will keep the handgun safe. One can wear belly holster directly on the skin as it is designed in such a way that it will not feel uncomfortable while wearing. The models are soft and come in different sizes so that it will fit most of the shooter according to their body. you have to pick most comfortable belly band holster according your body Size.

In this belly band holster review, we have covered 10 most versatile holster that suits to most of pistol and handgun. Some too large pistol models also fit comfortably in hidden carry holsters. But for the large pistol, we recommend picking the shoulder holster.

Belly Band Holsters Reviews

Now let’s start the ultimate belly band holster reviews. First of all, go through the overview of most comfortable belly band holster and then we will go to the brief review section. You cam alos choose your belly band holster for running & Full day Usage type.


Our Top Pick
Best Belly Band Holsters Reviews 2019 1Best Belly Band Holsters Reviews 2019 2
BravoBelt Belly Band Holster
  • Material : Neoprene
  • Features : Dual magazine pouches & Phone pouch cell secure "SNAP" retention system
  • storage space Good
Our Top Pick
COMFORTTAC ULTIMATE BELLY HOLSTERBest Belly Band Holsters Reviews 2019 3
  • Material: Neoprene
  • Features : Carry in any position / One size fits all holster
  • Fits a many handguns
Four way belly Band Gun Holster Detailed ReviewFOUR WAY BELLY BAND HOLSTER

  • Material : Breathable material
  • Features :Set any positions all in one Superior holster 'pockets'
  • Breathable material
Active Pro Gear Belly Band Holster ReviewBest Belly Band Holsters Reviews 2019 4ACTIVE PRO GEAR BELLY BAND HOLSTER
  • Material: Breathable elastic fabric
  • Features : Fast Draw Position Anywhere
  • Fits a full-sized Gun
Defensive Gear Belly HolsterBest Belly Band Holsters Reviews 2019 5DEFENSIVE GEAR BELLY BAND HOLSTER
  • Material : Stretchable neoprene
  • Features : Reliable Gun Retention with Snap Buttons
  • Extreme Comfortable and Durable 

1. ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Holster

The ComforTac belly band is made up of neoprene, and fit to anyone as it can stretch up to 44″. Even it can available in XL size as well but for that one have to order separately. Neoprene makes the band comfortable and soft so that the user can wear it directly against the skin. It feels comfortable and does not scratch.
ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Holster Review

One more thing that makes this belly band holster ideal is its versatility. You can wear it outside of your pants, inside the waistband, cross draw, appendix, twelve o’clock, 5 O’clock (behind hip), small of the back, and even concealed carry shirt and high up like a shoulder holster. It is available in the right r left-hand draw and suitable for many models. There is a retention strap is there and spare magazine pocket for other accessories. I Perosnally use this most comfortable belly band holster according my body size. That’s why i have pick on first list in my best belly band holster review list.

  • This belly band holster fits to many handguns including Glock 19, 23, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 32, 33, 36, 38, 39, 42, 43, M&P Shield, Kahr, Beretta, Sig Sauer, Taurus, Springfield, Kel Tec, Bersa, Walther, and more.
  • When you move, the mag pouch will slip and fall, so it is useless.

2. BravoBelt Belly Band Holster

The BravoBelt band holster is stretchable and fits all sizes up to 44 inches. The comfortable design This model has a comfortable design that allows your body to carry a handgun for all the day without any movement issues. Unlike other belly band holsters, this is tested for resilience, durability, and can easily handle the weight of your firearm. It designed uniquely to provide maximum firearm retention.

Once you set up the band on the waist, your handgun is close to your body and gives you peace of mind knowing that your firearm is ready for a quick draw in all conditions.
bravo belt belly band holster review

This band is also most comfortable belly band holster and perfect for everyday carry, runners or joggers. With the additional storage pocket, you can store extra magazines, cell phone, money, or keys with a handgun. I have used this in my shooting area and comfort of Long time very Good that’s why recommend  this bravobelt best belly band Holster.

  • This model provides you more storage space to store other things with the gun
  • Compatible with Glock 17, 19, 23, 25, 26, 27, 29, 30, 32, 33, 38, 39, 42, 43, 36, Bodyguard, Smith & Wesson, Sig Sauer, M&P Shield, Kahr, Ruger, Springfield, Beretta, Kimber, Taurus, Rock Island, Bersa, Walther, Kel Tec, and more.
  • This holster carrier is best only for subcompact and compact pistols only. Full-sized pistols are not fit in it.

3. Four Way Belly Band Holster

The four-way belly band comes up with a great price and interesting design. It can easily fit your waistband, and if you want, then it can carry over on your belly or pants. The supreme breathability gives extra comfort while you wear it inside the waistband as it sits low on hips so that you can carry it more comfortably.
Four Way Belly Band Gun Holster ReviewFour way belly band Holster review

Another great thing about this best belly band holster is it can work for both left and right-hand shooters. It fits most of the pistols, including revolvers and semis in multiple secure positions. Many of my friends using this ultimate belly band holster and they Response is Positive on it. This gun holster for runners design.

  • This Four Way Belly Band made with breathable material so you can wear it against the skin for a long time comfortably.
  • It can’t hold mags safely as it comes up with open-ended pouches, so it is effective ankle holster only.

4. Active Pro Gear Belly Band Holster

The comfortable Active Pro Gear comes in different size from small to XL (28-50 inch). So it can easily accommodate most of the people. It designed in such a way that it can fit almost pistols including small to large including large framed semis and revolvers, compact and subcompact revolvers. 
Active Pro Gear Belly band Holster ReviewActive Pro gEAR belly band Holster review

The weight distribution of this belly band holster is also a notable one. It distributes the weight of the gun evenly on the belt’s whole length and makes it comfortable while wearing it even for all day. 

The breathable elastic fabric is soft and not harmful to your skin in case if you wear it directly against on the skin. The Velcro endings support a lot of weight as they are strong and durable. Active Pro gear belly Band Holster is also Perfect. People have mix experience with this belly band holster.

  • It is designed to fit even full-size guns easily.
  • Though this model is comfortable and snug, but without practice, it is difficult to remove the gun with one hand.

5. Defensive Gear Premium Belly Band Holster

This defensive gear best belly band holster is all size fit and comes up with an affordable price. The stretchable neoprene material can fit up to the 47-inch belly. The soft material gives more comfort while wearing it.

The construction of this band is appreciable. Durable neoprene can withstand sun exposure and moisture. So you can easily carry it in all weather conditions.

The snap buttons keep your ammunition and guns secure and safe. Retention straps in the magazine pouches keep the magazines inside the pouch and do not slide unknowingly. When the band is not in use, you can store it in the box that comes up with the Product. I have added this belly band holsters in my list because many security agencies using this.

  • Ammunitions are safe from sliding out of the pouch and thanks to retention straps
  • Though it withstands sun exposure, yet it becomes warm in summer and uncomfortable to wear.

Overview: Best Belly Band Holsters Review

Our Top Pick
UnderTech UnderCover Belly BandBest Belly Band Holsters Reviews 2019 6

UnderTech UnderCover

  • Material:  Soft Nylon
  • Features: Most versatile and Most Comfortable 
  • Black/white Both color available
Belly Band Holster for Concealed CarryBest Belly Band Holsters Reviews 2019 7Concealed  Belly Band Holster
  • Material: High-quality neoprene
  • Features: Carry Any size pistol in extra pouch
  • Great For Running
Concealed Carry Belly Band HandgunBest Belly Band Holsters Reviews 2019 8CONCEALED CARRIER  GUN HOLSTER
  • Material: High-quality neoprene
  • Features: Holds any size pistol in extra pouch
Fullmosa Concealed Carry Holster Bally BandFullmosa Concealed Carry Holster belly bandFULLMOSA WAISTBAND HOLSTER
  • Material: Elastic mesh material
  • Features: Comes with three pistol holsters Can fit up to 4 magazines
  • Attractive Designs
LIRISY Belly Band Holster ReviewLIRISY Belly Band HolsterLIRISY BELLY BAND HOLSTER
  • Material: Elastic Neoprene
  • Features: Fixed magazine, Ambidextrous design & extra movable pouch
  • With Snap button

6. Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry

The Concealed Carrier elastic ultimate belly band holster is one of the popular models among the user at present at a reliable price. You can choose the version according to use that is left hand or right hand. The high-quality band made up with neoprene can fit waist up to 44″.
Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry

One thing that I most liked is its snug design. It can cover your handgun without many efforts and can easily hidden undershirts, T-shirts, and sports.  It can fit almost all compact, subcompact and full-size revolver and pistols including 380, 40 auto, 9mm, 45 ACP, 357, 38 special, and 10mm, etc. 

You can wear it inside or outside the waistband, cross body, 5 O’clock position (behind hip), appendix position, high up like a shoulder holster and small of the back, under your shirt.This is also suitable gun holster for runners.

  • The retention strap keeps your handgun secure and safe all the time.
  • If you want to draw your pistol quickly, you need practice for it.

7. Concealed Carry Belly Band Handgun Holster

Concealed Carry Belly Band Handgun Holster can stretch and fit up to belly size of 47 inches. You can wear it inside the waistband at the small of the back, forward or rearward of the hip and in the appendix position.

The waistband is designed in such a way that it can carry the handgun tightly. One can efficiently, and quicky draw of the gun from the belly band. It is made up of absorbent and anti-sweat neoprene. Yes, it is soft and breathable so it can allow optimum air-flow and not harsh to the skin.
Concealed Carry Belly Band Handgun Holster Review

You can use this band for revolver, pistol, subcompact, compact, and full-size guns. It is suitable for left and right-hand users both.  The extra pouch is also there to store magazines with the gun. You can also use it to put keys, card, knife, flashlight, etc. When you are not using the product, you can safely place it in the pouch for long-lasting use.

  • The slim and sleek design allows the user to put it under a shirt or jacket.
  • The thumb-break clasp keeps the gun secure, but the strap is too short for some handguns.

8. UnderTech UnderCover Original Belly Band

The UnderTech UnderCover original belly band provides a comfortable and versatile solution to hide guns and pistol. It comes in different sizes from XS to XXXL so that it can accommodate all the shooters.

Undertech undercover orignal belly band reviewundertech Undercover Orignal belly band review

It can fit all the handguns from compact to large one. Yes, and it comes up with two pistol slots. One is for the revolvers, and another one is for automatic pistols. The ambidextrous design of holster helps you to draw your handgun with either of hand. You can easily conceal the holster under a T-shirt or shirt and all thanks to its snug design.

  • It comes in multiple sizes so the shooter can find the perfect size easily.
  • Due to a generous size, the user has first properly to measure the belly and compared it with the manufacturer’s measurement before ordering.

9. Fullmosa Concealed Carry Holster

The Fullmosa waistband holster comes in different sizes that can fit for the belly of 28″-58″ (S/M/L/XL/XXL). It is a great option for those who would like t carry other accessories with their handguns, revolver or shotguns. It will easily fit most handgun models but works best for Glock 19. The three pistol holders are there; one is on the left, another is on the right, and the third one is on the back so you can use any of it according to your hand and carry preference.
Fullmosa Concealed Carry Holster reviewFullmosa Concealed Carry Holster

Beside the handgun, it can fit a maximum of 4 magazines. The small pocket can store accessories lime flashlight or pepper spray and money. This gun holster for runners because of fitting and light weight

  • It offers great value for the price user pay.
  • It is made up of a non-breathable material so it can be uncomfortable during hot sunny days.

10. Lirisy Belly Band Holster For Concealed Carry

The Lirisy belly band holster is all size fit model with good design. It can fit up to 45″ belly and hence accommodate almost all size of shooters. The elastic neoprene material allows the skin to breathe and softness allow the belt to wear directly against your skin. It’s most comfortable belly band Holster.
Best Belly Band Holsters Reviews 2019 9

Its pouch is removable and fixed, which I like a lot about it. You can store magazines or other accessories and money inside it. And if you think that it is of no use, you can remove it. It’s the best for belly holsters for concealed carry

  • Due to its ambidextrous design, both left-handed and right-handed shooters can use this bend.
  • Before ordering the belt compare the manufacturer’s size with your belly measure because most of the time band’s sizes run small.

Sum up:

So it is all about best belly band holster reviews. As you can see most comfortable belly band holster can accommodate your handgun with some other accessories and mag which makes them versatile to use and favorite among the users.

It is easy to use compared to their concealed carry methods without knowing other people around you. It safely carries your shotgun, and pistol of all sizes and allow you to use quickly in some dangerous or emergency condition.

But before picking up any of the belly band holsters, first, make sure it fits your model and fulfill your requirement or not. Otherwise, it wastes your money. In case of any questions or doubts of best belly band Holster, you can ask the experts here. The comment box is all yours!

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